See what some clients have had to say about me and my classes!

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies “This course is truly life-changing. It introduces the building blocks of mindfulness and meditation and encourages you to create daily healthy habits for the mind which helps dramatically reduce anxiety and stress and build self-awareness and resilience. Nick Scaramanga guides the group with a humble, but extremely wise take on what it means to be truly content. This is an 8 week course, which invites you to step back from the nonsense in your head, and build a new connection with yourself and others. I highly recommend it.” 


Catrin Ingham "I came to this course not knowing what to expect. Over the 8 weeks I have learnt the value of mindfulness and meditation in quietening the mind and feeding the soul. Through Nick’s patient and attentive teachings, I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that had become dormant and start once more to appreciate the meaning and value of being “in the now”. Nick Scaramanga manages to impart not only knowledge from some of the great teachers but real support and enthusiasm for his students in the weekly meetings. I came away from the experience feeling truly enriched and a better person for it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is in need of rebalancing their life or simply wanting to find stillness within again. You won’t be disappointed!" 


Duncan Brown "The past few years have proved quite turbulent, but these classes have proved to be a small oasis of calm in a troubled sea. Nick is a lovely tutor, he is warm, inclusive and informative. Just what is needed."




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